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Highly available networks today require a faultless infrastructure.

In order to meet this requirement, we use one of the latest infra-red systems to serve our customers.

With the ThermaCaM P60 and its accessories, we are able to trace and document hotspots, and determine measures for removing these, in collaboration with the customer.

  • Early detection of error sources

  • Identical recording in a digital and IR image

  • Important documentation

  • Acceptances also with wide angle and telephoto lenses

  • Contact-free measurement process, meaning no downtime

Network with inbuilt active components – heat distribution in the cabinet is visible through an IR image. Cabinet climate control can be assessed and optimised where necessary:

Invisible terminal clamp digital image – visible in the IR image – heating identifiable on L3, resulting from various causes – now visible and able to be cleared by qualified staff as a preventative measure:

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